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Housework: Making the bed

People fall into lots of categories, tea or coffee, beer or wine, people who take their makeup off before bed and those that don’t bother. We could divide and sub divide ourselves in to endless little groups. Here’s another. I’m … Continue reading

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Weekend Task List

It’s the weekend, and I’m tired. I’m still not 100% better post flu so I’m keeping the task list for the weekend simple. Make Bread Clean the fridge Defrost the freezer Hoover all the floors Change the bed Washing and Ironing … Continue reading

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Saturday To Do List

For the first Saturday of the New Year, I’m going to have a haircut, there isn’t a lot of housework to do this weekend ’cause I did a lot for NYE and last night ’cause Christina and Tom were here … Continue reading

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The List

Last weekend before Christmas and the to-do list. Help! House General clean of kitchen (sort out the recycling and rubbish, mop the floor and general cleaning) General clean of bathroom (change towels, empty bin, clean bath, sink and toilet) General clean of bedroom(change … Continue reading

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Weekend Tasklist

This weekend requires a to do list, so here it is. HouseI have one week left at work and anything that needs doing for Christmas, can be done then. So the priority housework is stuff that makes next week easier. … Continue reading

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Return of the lists…

I really don’t know how I do this to myself. Work has been fairly non stop since my birthday. There’s a really fine line between being busy enough to keep me occupied and being too busy and feeling scattered and … Continue reading

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Weekend Task list

It’s the Saturday morning housework list.  This weekend I’m also making a friend’s birthday cake. This morning I’m meeting Max for coffee and hoping to get to Grace tonight, we’ll see how it goes. Kitchen General clean (sort out the … Continue reading

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