The List

Last weekend before Christmas and the to-do list. Help!


  • General clean of kitchen (sort out the recycling and rubbish, mop the floor and general cleaning)
  • General clean of bathroom (change towels, empty bin, clean bath, sink and toilet)
  • General clean of bedroom(change bed, clear surfaces)
  • Tidy Living Room (tidy sofa, put things away, make a space for the Christmas tree!)
  • Hoover hall and stairs
  • Washing (clothes wash, white wash, towel wash)
  • Take towels and sheets to the laundrette to dry. I want all the laundry to be done, dried, ironed and away by Christmas Eve. This way I trade an hour of my weekend for the bliss of not have slowly drying towels hanging everywhere
  • Ironing
  • Charge kindle, ipad and camera batteries
  • Handwashing

Christmas stuff20131223-093718.jpg

  • Sort out Christmas Tree, I probably won’t do this until Monday but it’s good to have it on the list
  • Get Christmas decorations out
  • Make mince pies
  • Make more Cheese Stars
  • Sort out final presents
  • Wrap presents

Actually, don’t know why I’m worried, it’s going to be easy!


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