CD Club..

The last month or so I’ve spent a lot of time on the phone to Ryan. He’s having a hard time at the moment and although he really doesn’t need me to, I worry…

For those that may not remember this is Ryan, my eldest ‘godson’ and one of my favourite people.

Telephone conversations with Ryan are hit and miss, sometimes we talk nonsense for hours and other times I can barely get a yes/no answer out of him, I know this is just boys though (I don’t think my brother and I managed an actually conversation until he was in his 30’s). I have also been randomly sending him postcards, to let him know he’s on my mind (also I don’t have many people I can send actual post to and given how much I enjoy getting fun post, I thought that it would be good to do that for someone else!).

Anyway on Sunday, Ryan and I were talking about cocktails, relationships, presents, his mother’s wedding next year, suits, the stupidity of a man of 26 having cats and music. He was telling me what he was listening to and we agreed to send each other a CD every month of music we were listening too. Anna did this over the summer and the CD she sent was lovely and not music I would have heard before but I loved it! Thanks Anna!

So Ryan’s CD is in the post, it’s what I’ve been listening to over the last couple of weeks. Hopefully, we’ll both find some new music.

However, Anna’s CD send out over the summer has me thinking, apart from Ma (hi Ma!) who will get hear what I’m listening to anyway, would any of the other readers of this like a CD? Let me know and I’ll send you a CD!

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