A day in food..

Godchildren 2 and 3 are doing a project for school. As is often the way (I am a committed and loving godparent), I have been roped in.  All I have to do is take a photo of what I’ve eaten and drunk during a day for 3 separate days and they’re going to go to school and with the help of their teacher, tell me if it’s good or bad, where I could improve and I believe suggest some other things I might like to eat.

11 year old nutritionists – just what I need!!

So as I’ve taken the photos, I thought I’d bore everyone else with it. On Wednesday 13 June, (a vegetarian day) this is what I ate.


Coffee, black

Fruit, granola and greek yogurt. You can’t see it in this photo but there’s a chopped up apple in there. The yogurt is full fat because I’m not keen on hidden sugar and I made the granola and dialled back on the sugar by using less and using agave instead of honey. It is quite sugar happy, however, I’ve noticed that if I eat the sweet stuff at the beginning of the day I’m less likely to have the afternoon ‘I need something bad for me and I need it now’ munchies.  Anyway it works for me.

Berroca and CoQ10 – nearly forgot to take a photo of that. I did forget to take a photo of the pint of water I drank.

Morning Snack

Banana and a dark chocolate covered rice cake.


Lentil Salad – Lentils, sautéd onion, celery and mushrooms, with a chopped up carrot and half a pepper. Oil and balsamic dressing (3 teaspoons vinegar, 3 teaspoons olive oil, salt and pepper)

A peach, an orange sugar free jelly and lemon and ginger tea. I love jelly have taken to making up pint for when I want something sweet.  I pint makes six of the little pint thingies are are perfect for lunch dessert!

Afternoon Snack

A carrot, half a pepper, another chocolate rice cake and more lemon and ginger tea. I’ve been eating more fruit recently (we get free fruit at work on Monday and Wednesday) I’m trying to cut back a bit and make my afternoon snack a vegetable based one.


Stir fried mushrooms and peppers with lentils and spinach, grilled haloumi cheese. I love lentils and cook some at the beginning of each week to keep in the fridge, that way, I’m never that far away from dinner or an easy packed lunch. This was lovely and I will be eating it again.

Lychees. My favourite fruit, despite the no fruit after lunch rule I’m trying to impose, they were just too good to resist!

What I didn’t take a photo of was the water bottle – I have a 700ml bottle on my desk and drink three of those a day.

The best thing I ate was the lychees (although the rice cakes are fast becoming a favourite thing!), I think it looks pretty good, maybe a bit heavy on the lentils but it’s easy to eat well on weekdays, weekends are where it all falls down! There’ll be another one of these coming along in a couple of days (a meat eating day) and a Saturday (where you’ll see how bad it gets!)

What do you eat in a typical day?


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