Allotment Adventures: Seedling Set Up

Seven years ago, I signed up for an allotment and for seven years I’ve been struggling with indoor sowing. The reasons are obvious, I live in a one bedroom flat with no garden that is quite dark and as with all houses built in the early 1900’s, no windowsills.

February 2017, my first ever seedling set up!

I have tried all sort of things, mostly, I do a lot more direct sowing (all peas, beans and sweetcorn for starters) but I usually end up with the living room floor covered with leggy pale seedlings! Last year was the best year because I was able to boot them out into the polytunnel, so they did get more light!

Tomatoes on the floor last year

Since COVID and with more home working,  a floor covered with plants, is just now on and so last year I bought a spare mini greenhouse for sowing seeds. Three weeks ago (you know how I’m always saying that I was late sowing? This year I really was!) Ma and I sowed our seeds for summer.

We did all the winter squash, the summer squash and the melons and the tomatoes. And then I realised that the one grow lamp I had (this one) wasn’t going to cut it and I bought these ones. They attach to the shelves and run off one plug and you can connect another four, which I’ll be doing that next year.

I also bought a timer so that they can click on and off this week while I’m away.

No solution is perfect, the seedlings are still leggy but they have a place now, I can use the living room and that’s a pretty good outcome!

Even with the grow lights, they are still as leggy as all get out but, at least they aren’t all over the floor!

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