Small Goals 2023: May

I’ve had a difficult start to 2023, due to various flat related things, at the end of March, I was basically burnt out. I know it seems ridiculous that I could be burnt out over three months and yes I’m aware that for other people it wouldn’t be a problem (my brother and sister in law) had more building work and lived on site and have two children and a dog!

I want to emphasise again that I know how lucky I am. To have a landlord that will fix issues to such an extent, because I had a place to go for five weeks (thanks Ma!), because, for the first time in my life it feels like, enough money that the expense of it didn’t ruin me (it was expensive).

However, I’m not good at transition, I’m not good at feeling unsettled and when the place I use to feel settled (my home) is the cause of the transition and unsettledness, I don’t do well at all. Look, I know who I am and I knew it would be hard, renovation of a space is always mentally exhausting, and over the course of the last 12 weeks, I have moved every piece of furniture I own, plus 400 to 500 books, twice, physically exhausting too. My hips don’t lie, but they are really, really sore and creaky.

The cherry on the cake was catching COVID at the beginning of March which was miserable and left me more tired than I expected.  All that to say, that at the end of March, I was burnt out and in no place to set or complete goals, it was all I can do to keep the balls that need to be juggled (work, allotment, clean clothes etc) in the air and I did manage that.

I continued with my Lent resolutions until Easter Sunday. 47 days of no chocolate, sweets, cake, desserts or crisps. Which was fine, actually easier than I expected but that last week, really dragged!

However, May is a new month with no mistakes in it. It’s also a light work month for me, of the four and half weeks, I’m going to be away for one of them and there are three bank holidays. So it’s time to think about trying again. 

The goals that I’ve been building so far this year are:

10,000 steps per day. So in May that means 310,000 for the month (I wasn’t really tracking it last month but my fitbit says that I was XX short of 300,000 last month)

10pm bedtime and 6am wake up (on work nights) – also a casualty last month, I managed about half the month and I felt it on the days I had a late night, I know it helps so I just need to work on consistency

Stretching every day – This fell by the wayside and have I mentioned how much my hips hurt recently (yes, yes I have) 

Food prep – Another thing I’ve been lax with and need to get back into. Obviously, this won’t count on my holiday but for the rest of the month time to re-introduce

I have two things to add to this list for May (and the rest of the year).

Yoga every day. I’m going to go back to the January 30 Days of Yoga with Adrienne, a friend of mine had the genius idea of doing the same 30 days, every month so she can see her progress. I want to do that, so I have to do it for a month!

Sugar free work week. Lent was really interesting from a diet point of view. Removing chocolate, sweets, cake, desserts or crisps wasn’t’ life changing, I didn’t lose weight, I didn’t sleep better or have more energy. However, my hands and feet didn’t hurt so much and I wasn’t so puffy. So while I’m not prepared to forgo them all again (until next Lent) I think it’s time to treat those foods, like I do alcohol, something I don’t do during the week. It’s not entirely sugar free, I’ll still have my Nesquik collagen milkshake and fruit and maybe a Nakd bar but I’ll be having less.

Just for this month

Pictures on the walls  – I took a lot of things off the walls for the building work, I need to get them back up, in old or new positions and some of them need new frames.

Cupboard of Doom Tidy – I know. It’s an issue but it needs tidying again, it’s been a difficult few months!

AirFryer to Mums – I now have a microwave with a browning function, so I’m gifting Ma the air fryer, and I need to get it out of my house but I need to carry it to hers because she can’t!

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