Monday Miscellany: May Day

Happy Monday and welcome to May.

If you are in the UK and have a job that doesn’t require working on Bank Holidays, happy three day weekend. If you don’t fall into this category, I’m sorry, I hope it’s a quiet, easy work day or you’re being paid double time.

I start this week with the joyous prospect of no more builders. The floor was done last week and I’ve unpacked. There were some kinks, the bookshelves no longer fit perfectly in the alcove so I had to be an emergency book edit and I do need to take several bags of books to the charity shop! I did quite a bit of decluttering when we were packing the room up and I worked to put things I couldn’t declutter in away, so it all looks tidy and lovely.

Everything left to do is for me, it’s mostly about putting pictures back on walls and shelves up. I did some of that, and I finally got around to repotting my spider plants and did all the indoor sowing for the allotment too.

It was also (for me) quite a social week. I was out on Tuesday night for Ping Pong and Pizza with some of the team at work. It was fun and the Elizabeth Line was a marvel, I was in Shoreditch at 9pm but home at 9.50pm. When it works it’s quick! I took a day off on Friday, to spend some time with Christelle and it was lovely to have time, when we’re not completely exhausted from a working week (middle aged problems!).

Aside from a migraine on Thursday, it was a good week.

This week is another four day work week (followed by another – May is a great month!). Work is getting busier, so I’m going to spend today catching up with housework and prep for the weekend, I may sort out some more photos and take some more compost to the plot. There are no major plans for next week, I’m mostly going to be working and avoided the cunting bunting and coronation nonsense, I will not be volunteering or pledging allegiance. I will probably go to Ma’s because she has a DIY list, so I need to start working my way through that!

Have a good week!

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