Miscellany: Mourning Madness

It feels like autumn, the wake up light is back on, I’ve changed to a warmer duvet and I’m struggling for focus a bit. So a week that featured a team social and a party on Saturday just as I’m feeling the lack of light isn’t the best thing in the world.

However, I had Friday off work and with the Bank Holiday on Monday got some time to rest, although I today I feel like. I’m coming down with a cold, it’s not COVID, but I have a sinus headache and I’m a little bit more snotty and tired than usual. I’m blaming autumn. It’ll be fine..

I have used the extra time off wisely, two days on the allotment and sorting out the overflow of produce. What do you do with another 20 courgettes in 14 days? You grate the majority of them for freezing and make use of your new spiralising attachment for your magimix and you make courgette bread.

Aside from some food prep for the week, I also made applesauce and syrup, plum and raspberry compote, plum gin and more pesto. I’ve put the canning equipment away for a while, it will probably make an appearance when the big tomatoes start to ripen and I would like to can some dried beans but I don’t have the energy right now and I need it out of the way.

That’s sort of the theme of this week at work and at home, I need to get things cleared away so I can face the autumn, in a more organised fashion. Autumn is strictly the time of not winging it! Other plans for this week, consist of the usual walk with Sue and Sarah coming for dinner on Friday and…nope that’s it. A quick and quiet-ish week.

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