Allotment Adventures: I Grew a Melon

I grew this!

So the big news of the week was that I got a melon from the vines in the polytunnel. It was a snack sized melon (about the size of a tennis ball) but I grew it and yes I am very happy with it, because it tasted really good, and I have plans for better growing next year!

But aside from that excitement, we had two really productive days on the plot. First up we finally repotted the blueberries, we did six on Friday, which freed up some buckets, which we repotted the cherry and two of the blackberries into and that then freed up two pots for the baby lemon and lime trees to go into.

Potted up finally

We also re-upped the woodchip where the pots live. And collected tomatoes and fruit and that was Friday.

On Saturday, we re-potted the last two blueberries and then tackled the bean and cucumber beds as well as monster courgettes. The cukes and beans were done and the beans had not been very productive, so it was time for them to go as for the courgettes, we planted four this year only to discover that they were hybrids, and they had taken over the plot. We were struggling to keep up with them. So I decided it was time to call time on this experiment, we collected 10 squash that we’ll use as courgettes (I grated most of them for the freezer) and two that looked like winter squash and are curing in the polytunnel. Clearing beds takes longer than planting them but we got it done and got all the plants chopped up and in the compost bays.

That done, Ma cleared all the mildewed leave off the other summer squash, while I collected woodchip to finish the mulching at the front of the plot, it all looks considerably tidier than it did!


I potted up some mint and a spider plant from home and found a tidy baby lavender which is also in a pot. There are a couple of self seeded oregano plants that I need to dig up and pot on too, to say nothing of the knautia and verbena bonariesis that all over the plot.

Self seeded allotment plants

We also topped up the second round of potatoes, closed and cleaned the vents on the poly, watered and relaxed a bit while we discussed plans for next year. I am full of ideas, Ma would just like me to commit to no more plant buying (except the strawberries, which she has already agreed too!)

There is still a lot more to do this month, strimming, weeding the paths and mulching with woodchip, planting out some herbs, tidying up the area that the boysenberry is in, weeding the grass at the front of the allotment, tidying the shed and maybe painting it. There is also the ongoing things that need to happen, harvesting veg and clearing beds but it was nice to get some of the other things that we’ve been waiting to do done!

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  1. Gardening at its best. Thank you, Nic 😊🌍

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