Friday Links: By-Elections

Happy Friday!

It’s been a week. I’m ok, still surrounded by the infected, still not infected. Completely fed up with the way the rail strikes are being reported and (at time of writing) hopeful that the Wakefield and Honiton and Tiverton by-election results will give Johnson a bloody nose. I live in hope…

Here are this week’s links..

Look around, the Great Conservative Experiment has failed in the UK. But don’t you dare point out that life is objectively worse for most of the population because apparently that’s wishing us back to the ’70’s and that was really bad. (One of my early memories is the 1979 election – I was 6, so I can’t say I remember the 70’s but I grew up in the 80’s and it was pretty grim..)

Without a proper plan, stagflation will be the least of Britain’s problems

Johnson and Shapps pretend they can’t end the rail strikes. That’s nonsense

Strikes? Labour’s fault. Immigration? Lawyers’ fault. Don’t blame Boris Johnson

Whenever Johnson has a problem, he calls Zelenskiy – and the bill is rapidly mounting

Profiteering bosses, not workers, are pushing up inflation. Here’s how to fight back

Britain’s Unbridgeable Divide

This summer of discontent should be a gift to Labour – so where are Starmer’s big ideas?

Union boss Mick Lynch is a media star – and Labour has much to learn about why. He has just played a blinder…

A third of UK ‘buy now, pay later’ users say they can’t handle payments. This feels like it’s going to be the new payday loans scandal. The FCA are going to step in and make it difficult for people who can use this responsibly, while not actually helping the people who are in real trouble.

Macron has been sent tumbling to Earth – now he’ll have to learn to compromise

The Woman Who Killed Roe. This is a long and horrific read. Worth reading anyway

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