Monday Miscellany: Busy but not busy

Happy Monday!

Last week was weird, I was only in the office for the day because of the rail strike, relatively busy at work and in that period of time when I’m really on top of home things…even the ironing. Welcome to mid summer, that period of the year when I am on fire with productivity.

I was out Friday night, it was a leaving do, I had to go into the office on Friday with the most obnoxious gift bag ever!

I spent most of Saturday on buses trying to get to my mum’s house. Ma had just tested negative for Covid after a week (and you need two before you can go about in the world again) and she’d run out of food. Some days the buses work and it’s fine, other times and Saturday was one of them, they are just a nightmare, I spent roughly 6 hours on a bus or waiting for a bus on Saturday.

On Sunday I had a slow morning and was at the plot at 12-ish with the idea that I’d do a couple of hours and go home, six hours later, I went home.

I’m actually heading for a couple of overly social weeks, I’m taking some leave on Friday so I can work on the plot before being out on Saturday and manning the drinks stall at the Allotment Open Day on Sunday. The following weekend, Sue is having a belated birthday party. Then I think I’m probably refusing to do any socialising until August!

And that’s pretty much it for what I’m up to. Have a good week.

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