Friday Links: Things aren’t getting any better….

Happy Friday!

Seriously, Tory party, there is no pooper scooper big enough to clear up Johnson’s constant mess

Boris Johnson clings to office like chewing gum to a shoe but he is becoming unstuck

Cornwall’s sleeping beauty: the tale of Heligan’s lost gardens

Will this brute of a building herald a new assault on London’s skyline?. No, no, no, it’s out of proportion with the rest of the South Bank and London doesn’t need more office space.

The world faces a growing stagflationary storm. Well this is cheerful.

‘We’re not all terrible’: the landlords who keep rents low. I know good landlords exist but as a tenant, I feel vulnerable all the time. This article was obviously a response to this one ‘Can that be legal?’ UK tenants forced from their homes by soaring rents and I can’t help but feel that this is missing the point. I have a good landlord, he’s been great but I have a kitchen that is falling apart and no date for when it will be fixed, although it will be this year. I know there are reasons, but I don’t feel I can ask for a definite date, because in July the contract gets renewed and I’m already worried that some of the things he wants to do are because he wants to sell it, which is what happened to my mum. I’ve done the legwork of getting a design which should be a good sign that he wants me to have a kitchen I’m happy with. But moving would cost a fortune, buying anywhere even via shared ownership is pretty impossible and I have no security of tenure. I’m always worried about it even though I’ve lived there 13 years. Rent controls, minimum standards, an end to no fault evictions should be the minimum renters should expect.

Shanghai’s zero Covid nightmare. My friend John, is there at the moment, it’s horrific.

One Good Thing: Garlic, a perfect food

What’s Wrong With Washington’s Oysters?

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