Monday Miscellany: Fraught

Happy Monday!


Last week was emotional. Lots of reasons none of which are mine to share. So instead of telling you about the week, I’m going to list some good things in it.

  • Drinks on Wednesday after work. I’m coming up on four years in this job and I can’t tell you what a relief it is to work somewhere I like, that likes me right back. I have made friends at other workplaces, but I just plain like what I do and the people I do it with.
  • Chocolate brownies. I made some, they are ace.
  • My Mum. This week was tricky, my first processing call was to Ma. We can, and do, drive each other to distraction on occasion but when I was a young dramatic adult, Ma was able to hold my brother and I with love and grace and forgiveness and a massive dose of ‘YOU will sort your shit out, but I’m always going to be here to help’. I’m not a parent but this week, I had to do that and I was able to do it because she showed me how. Thanks Ma
  • Friends who get it. If Ma was my first call, Sarah was my second. It’s so nice not to have to explain it. Thanks love.
  • Rhubarb. First proper harvest of 2022.
  • Books, reading and the comfort I can take, people are difficult, Georgette Heyer is not.

This week, I’m hoping for an easier week, It’s my first five day week in a while and I’m in the office three days. I have loads to do in work and at home, so it’s head down and plough through.

Today is the anniversary of my Grandad’s death and so I feel the urge to make some bread pudding. Grandad would not appreciate a lot of fuss, so I will even though it’s a Monday, go to work and get on with the business of life because that is the behaviour he liked to model.


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2 Responses to Monday Miscellany: Fraught

  1. Sarah Devereux says:

    I love you too – you offer me the same. If there’s any spare rhubarb going I’ll take it.

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