Friday Links: War

Happy Friday!

It’s not very happy for the Ukrainians, I don’t have answers to how we stop Putin without a world war, but one thing we should do is bring the hammer down on Russia, which is also going to hurt us. No buying oil or gas, no visas for Russians, revoke visas for people with links to the Russian state (which means Putin). If we don’t Russian takes Ukraine, we’ll be going to war to defend the NATO countries that border Ukraine, he won’t stop.

Oh and for all the people who wanted the UK out of the EU, this is why the EU is important, it’s why it was formed…

It’s Not ‘The’ Ukraine. This is worth reading for lots of reasons.

These pathetic sanctions won’t hurt Putin. He’ll be laughing all the way to his dacha

Forget the obsession with sanctions against oligarchs. I have a better way to hurt Putin

As Putin’s tanks roll into Ukraine, he knows exactly who to feel sorry for: himself

Fighting the threat from Putin will take teamwork. But who trusts Johnson’s Britain?

Dictators Aren’t Pretending Anymore

Anti-war Protests in Russia. I’m not sure I would be this brave

It’s worth if you haven’t listening to Martin Kimani’s (the Kenyan ambassador to the UN) response on Russian justifications.

To Tory MPs seeking to derail the green agenda, I say watch out – we’re coming for you. What I find really strange about all of Steve Baker’s views is that he’s a professed Christian and yet most of the views he espouses seem profoundly unchristian.

The innocent have paid a high price for the Post Office scandal. The guilty have not

COVID Won’t End Up Like the Flu. It Will Be Like Smoking.

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