Monday Miscellany: Heavy

Happy Monday!

During the various lockdowns, over the last two years, I learned to live with the disconnect of personally being ok (missing people, learning to WFH and all the other strains) but knowing that others were suffering more than me.

It’s something that as a person from the First World, I should be pretty used to. There’s an endless list of places in the world where there is actual suffering that doesn’t compare to any issues I have, Iran, Iraq, Afganistan, Syria, Palestine, Mali, Rwanda, Burrundi, India, Nepal. The list is long and the issues are painful, none of it interferes with my day to day life. And so it is with Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, feeling terrible and worried because Putin is escalating and threatening nuclear war, but also knowing that this is not anything like the suffering of the Ukrainians being asked to make molotov cocktails, or the Russians arrested for protesting the actions of their government this week. I’m not sure I would be up to the bravery that either of those actions requires.

I have written to my MP, (but I know she agrees with me already!), prayers and donations to the people on the ground trying to help is the best I can do. Lent starts on Wednesday, to remind me that the world is broken but I also know that it doesn’t have to be.

So other than a reaction to the terrible state of the world, life has been as normal, I’ve gone to work, I’ve had friends come for dinner, I’ve spoken to my brother, everyone in my little world is ok, except that Chelsea lost a football match yesterday, which I can live with.

This week is more of the same with extra sleep added in (I’m feeling slow and tired!)

Have a good week!

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