Monday Miscellany: Let’s Catch Up

Happy Monday!

I don’t much like February as a month, if November is the worst month of the year, then for me February comes in as a close contender. I think it’s because I’m over winter and want it to be spring and it just isn’t yet. It’s not light enough, it’s not warm enough and I’ve endured January so I want a reward for all my endurance and February is not a reward it’s just ever so slightly less of the same. Which means that doing anything in February is difficult for me, because all I want to do is sleep and not leave the house. I’m also trying to use the heating less, so there have been days wearing my cozy blanket.

This photo was taken before the haircut!

So over the last two weeks, I feel I’ve been busy and done loads. The week before last was miserable because February and a period, followed by a Friday night migraine. That’s pretty unusual because usually they happen before the period, we’re going to chalk it up to peri menopause. The only two remotely useful things I did were got a grip on my workload (namely the four diaries I manage) AND got rid of all the mould in the shower in the bathroom. I looks so clean, and makes me happy. Other than that the week was a bit of a wash and I didn’t get to Grace because of migraine recovery. On the Sunday, Ma and I finally got to the Elizabeth and Mary exhibit at the British Library, I enjoyed it but as is often the case with displays like this there wasn’t enough room and there were too many people who don’t understand the concept of sharing. So many people just standing right in front of things, so no one else could read the displays, let alone look at the objects and taking photos of everything. I did take one photo to prove I’d been there. I’m still Team Elizabeth I (Mary wasn’t very bright!).

This is the one photo that I took

I stayed at Ma’s on Sunday night, I feel like we could have set the record for the longest journey from Kings Cross to Surbiton, the trains and buses were not co-operating and on Monday we saw Jane for haircuts, we both look so much better, got to catch up on the gossip and stroke the dog (she just comes and sits next to you, until you pet her!).

I was in the office on Tuesday, it’s half term so the trains were reasonable and the office was quiet and I got sushi for lunch because yes, I do have to bribe myself to do things I don’t want to do. The weather had other ideas, it was really wet and the bag containing my sushi disintegrated, and my sushi hit the pavement. Sigh. It also destroyed my umbrella and my fringe. I also had another nose bleed which I’m pretty sure was a direct result of the LFT I did on Tuesday morning.  So overall, not a great day for me. I did at one point need to apply the first of my three rules ‘if no one died it’s not a disaster’ to calm myself down!

Wednesday’s highlight was a walk with Sue, which I didn’t get the week before because she was away and I missed it so it was good to see her. I know Sue finds the same walk pretty boring but I like that for a year now, we’ve see the parks (and the kitchen garden in Walpole Park) change with the seasons.


On Thursday, the lady from Wickes came to talk about and measure for a new kitchen plan. I’m trying really hard not to get too excited because it’ll be a faff while it’s being fitted and I may not get everything I want. I’m not too fussy about how it looks – I don’t crave expensive marble countertops or integrated appliances but I do need it to be more functional, so a bigger sink, an oven preferably higher up, a bigger fridge and freezer (which I’m willing to help pay for), lino on the floor and more cupboards would be delightful. I’ve seen the plan and got the quote, so now it’s a case of this against what the landlord wants to spend so I don’t want to get my hopes up. We’ll see.

The cupboard stays but maybe with less on it!

On Friday, Ma was supposed to come over so that we could do the Hayman’s Gin Virtual Tasting but it was a bit windy so she stayed home, we saw the tasting and we’ll catch up on the gin at a later point. The flat survived Storm Eunice and Ma came over early on Saturday so we could check the plot, ours was all good, however on other plots we’re so lucky!

My plans for this week are less exciting, (in fact I have almost no plans!) I’m in the office two days this week, and Sue and Richard are coming for dinner on Friday night. I’m also starting to get my head around sowing for the Spring, I need to buy some grow lights and then I need to start making lists. Also as Ma isn’t coming to me next weekend, I’m going to hers.

Have a good week.

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