Monday Miscellany: The first week of December

Happy Monday!

I start this week, pretty bleeding tired. Last week I had my flu shot and spent the week feeling that I was coming down with a cold, basically, snotty with sinus pain and generally seedy. I got over it with echinacea and elderberry syrup and well timed use of cold drugs.

Which was just as well because this weekend was non stop. I met Ma for a birthday breakfast on Saturday.

I feel that her birthday card was accurate…

Constant supervision

After breakfast, gifts and a bit of shopping where I prevented her from buying a megaphone for either of the nephews, I went home to prepare for the onslaught of family lunch the next day. So by Saturday night the house was the kind of tidy that only visitors ever see!

On Sunday, I got up at 7am to start food prep. Everyone arrived at 10:30 ish to have coffee and cinnamon rolls. Dinner started with garlic bread (because if I don’t make it, the eldest nephew looks sad!), then a roast beef dinner and plum cake for pudding. Roast dinners are great but a complete pain if you only have one oven, six people to feed, no dishwasher and a tiny sink! I spent a lot of time washing up and cleaning up but it was a really lovely day.

One nephew on the phone, one in his den

This week, I’m going away at the weekend, so I’m cramming a lot of work, home and Christmas things into the week, there are only two weekends until Christmas and as usual I don’t feel at all ready and unlike last year, I don’t think Christmas will be cancelled at the last minute.

I have a list and I’ll just have to work through it, I’m pretty sure that everyone has those lists at the moment!

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