Friday Links: At Home

Happy Friday!

It’s been a week! I’m not back in the office now until whenever the Govt changes the advice to work from home if you can. Given the advice, our company has decided that the responsible thing is no in person meetings, so the Christmas party next week is off.

The worst thing is that this all feels like a reaction/distraction from No. 10 party scandal. They fucked around and were found out, I’m not sure that it’ll make much difference but when Ant and Dec start having a go about it things are bad

I’m not sure what I find worse, that they did it or that they weren’t clever enough to ensure there was no evidence, there was a tape of them talking about it after it had happened. If you are going to lie and cheat at least be good at lying and cheating, did Johnson’s education include any Machiavelli because if it did, no learning happened.

Anyway, here are some links….

What Is the Point of Boris Johnson?

Whether in Britain or Afghanistan, Johnson’s government fails and fails again

Boris Johnson’s rule is a throwback to the 18th-century golden age of sleaze

Tories, look in the mirror: hasn’t the price of being humiliated by Johnson become too high?

The escalating costs of being single in America. It’s not quite the same here but it’s pretty bad.

Why adoption isn’t a replacement for abortion rights. I’ve had an abortion, but there is absolutely no way I could have given a child that I literally grew in my womb up once it was here. That’s not to say I don’t have huge admiration for women who do that, that I don’t have sympathy for women who are unable to look after their children and have the choice taken away from them or that I think that adoptive parents aren’t ‘real’ parents. I’m saying that would not have been a choice for me. Abortion is just one choice someone who is pregnant can make, I don’t believe in taking any of their choices away.

The arguments about abortion in the US are about one thing: controlling women

Why we’re so obsessed with nuns. I feel that this should be retitled ‘Why non-Catholics are so obsessed with nuns’. If you’re a certain age and acquainted with Catholic Church or school, you’re not obsessed with them, you know them. In fact spotting plain clothes nuns in a skill, I still have!

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