Recommended: Marks and Spencer’s Period Pants

I have these ones.

It’s no lie to say they make periods much easier. They wash well, they are not at all smelly, I would say change them every 12 hours whether you need to or not!

Overall, I love them and originally bought them as part of trying to reduce my plastic use. I only have one gripe which is that the absorbent bit of the pants could be higher at the front. I’m a messy bleeder and need to use two extra long pads if I’m not using the pants (which is why the reusable pads don’t work all that well for me!), so at the beginning of my period, I need to wear a pad so I don’t leak at the front but you may not bleed in the same way I do and using the pants has reduced my use of pads from three packs every month to one. So not perfect on the zero waste but better.

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