Monday Miscellany: So very busy

Happy Monday!

People, last week was wildly busy. In fact the last couple of weeks have been pretty busy and I have a case of Autumn coming on. Which is why posting has been scanty this for the last couple of weeks!

I worked from home on Monday and that was pretty intense but gave me a chance to do some stuff at home, which was great because then it felt that all I did at home from then was eat, wash and sleep. I did a couple of 12 hour work days and I don’t enjoy leaving the house in the dark and coming home in the dark!

Tube at 7am

However, I think the planning day went well, the highlight of my day was buying 20 sandwiches from Pret! Then on Friday, the whole team spent a day on Black Down helping preserve the heath. Which was lovely and we got really lucky with the weather.


From there I went to see Christelle and Mike (and the dogs!), it was a most unusual night for us because I couldn’t drink (too much drinking at the team dinner the night before, not enough sleep all week and menopause = a Nic that could not drink!) but it was another late night.

Cute puppy

On Saturday, I went home and stayed there because the weather was filthy. I was also in bed by 9pm because I was done.

On Sunday, I went to the plot, to do not much work but to collect vegetables.

Winter squash

Followed by a long bus journey to see Ma and offload some veg!

This week (ok it’s late Tuesday, two days are gone already!), I have loads of work and a trip to Southampton tomorrow. I also need to pack for holiday. That (and as much sleep as I can manage) is the plan for this week.

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