Monday Miscellany: Missing in action

Happy Monday!

There was no miscellany last week because the week before wasn’t a great week, I had a migraine on Monday night, Tuesday morning, Tuesday afternoon and Tuesday late evening. They’ve been getting worse and are the reason that I finally decided to get HRT. But you can’t start the HRT until you have a period. Look I’m aware that all of this stuff might be difficult to read, but talking about menopause needs to be normal. I knew about it, but no one really talked about it, even Ma just carried on through it and we need to talk about it because it’s horrible and it shouldn’t be secret. Women can’t be prepared if no one ever talks about it!

All that to say that said period arrived last weekend and I’ve now started HRT, which can take up to three months to kick in and thank goodness, I’m going to save you the gory details but I had to change the bed four times last week (I’ve only just caught up with the laundry). I cancelled going to Christelle’s because it’s hard enough to deal with this in my own house without the fear of destroying someone else’s bedding.

So this week was quite and I was a space cadet. One of the godchildren came to see me on Tuesday and had a positive COVID test on Wednesday. So I’ve mostly been at home. I’ve been testing negative and it had better stay that way because I a really busy week next week and have to be in the office for a lot of it.

In happier news, I have three weeks until my holiday. Yes, we’re going to Amble again, no I don’t get bored of it, it’s sea and sky and castles and space and it’s beautiful, even when the weather is terrible and it’s raining.

There had better be enough petrol!

This week is going to go fast, so I’m just going to try and keep up..

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2 Responses to Monday Miscellany: Missing in action

  1. Sharon says:

    I agree we need to talk more about the menopause. It’s strange that we don’t. I recently has a 6 month break from my period but now they are back and catching up with a fortnightly cycle, so now I’m itchy and bitchy all of the time!

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