Monday Miscellany: Busy

Happy Monday!

Last week, I was too busy to post. Please don’t think I was being all that productive, except at work where I managed to get a whole lot of work off the to do list and on to the done list (probably because my boss was on holiday and not checking his emails!) but there is a thing I’m much more open to as a get older which is that sometimes you need some time for things to stew a bit and then you get it all knocked out very quickly! It’s not the same as ignoring things, or worrying about them, it’s just that some tasks need to be ticking over in the back of my subconscious to find the solution, so that when I actually do them, they are simple. It’s a theory…

The Bank Holiday weekend we were up at my brother’s having Christmas and Christmas in May is great, I highly recommend it. It was great to just be with each other (and watch Chelsea win the Champions League. I won the family sweepstake for the first time ever in the 10 or so years we’ve been doing it, with my team! It was pretty great). We also got to know Barney, the very mischievous dog. He is interested in eating everything and drinking my water (they used to have a cat that did the same thing!)

The rest of the weekend was all about the plot we bought some more wood and built the final raised bed, and extended the weekend by having Tuesday off work for a haircut, it had been 10 months since my hair had been cut, my split ends had split ends!

I love this time of year, the days are long and even when I’m grumpy, (peri-menopause is harder on the nerves than I anticipated) I feel more awake and just feel like I get more done. I’m a summer person rather than a winter one.

Assuming that everything opens up on 21 June, this is probably going to be my last month WFH full time, I’ll have my second jab on 5 July and am planning to be back in the office at least some of the time from 19 July. There’s no pressure but I’m thinking that at least Monday and Wednesday would be good days to be at the office although it’ll depend on what else is happening. It’s going to be weird to be back to commuting and office life, I’ve been at home for over a year now. I’ve started to get up earlier and am generally changing my routines at home to accommodate office working, basically, I need to be a little bit more organised and rigid as I won’t be able to wing it as much as I do now, with laundry, housework and food, I’ll have to get out my lunch boxes again.

My plans for the week are few, I have friends over for dinner on Friday, but other than wheelbarrowing compost to the plot and watering nothing else major going on. It’s quite lovely.

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