Monday Miscellany: Away with the Fairies

Happy Monday!


It’s the last week of April (2021 seems to be whizzing by), next Monday is a Bank Holiday and if all things go to plan, May and early June have some very good things in them. We’ll see the boys and Ben and Laura, with any luck the weird weather will improve and the allotment will be abundant, I’ll get a haircut (right now the split ends have split ends!). I’m a fairly boring person, I don’t need restaurants and pubs to be open but I would like to see the people I care about which hopefully we’ll be ok to do soon.

Last week, I was a space cadet and not in the ‘clever person preparing to do important things in space’ but more the completely unable to settle down and concentrate and totally away with the fairies sort of way. I’ve always had that tendency but have more or less grown out of it, however, as peri menopause marches on it’s really noticeable during parts of my cycle. Apparently, it might be a thing. So I did try to knuckle down and I mostly got out for a walk every day and kept on top of the housework.

This week, I need a distraction free couple of days to work my little socks off. I also need at least one trip to Wickes for wood and screws – the excitement of allotmenting!

Other than that, everything here is pretty much the same and I’m not complaining about it!

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