Monday Miscellany: Spring

Happy Monday!

Despite having walking issues this morning (heavy day at the plot yesterday!) The Spring Equinox was on Saturday and next week in the UK the clocks go forward. Spring is on it’s way!

Not my dog!

Last week wasn’t great, no major drama, just a bit blah. I was due to have the afternoon off, but we had deadline that stretched a tad and I decided to move it to this afternoon. I was ok but it threw me a bit.

I spent the weekend with a headache. Not a migraine, just a headache, but as I’m in my monthly migraine window, I decided to have a lazy Saturday and an early night. It didn’t work so on Sunday, I took myself and my headache to the plot. It didn’t help the headache (it’s still with me) but I felt better about myself!

I also got to have a chat with Jo and Ms T, modern technology is amazing, there they are in Keyna and we get to have a real time conversation while I’m on the allotment!

So plans for the week, well it’s still lockdown and life is unlikely to change until it’s not and I’m vaccinated and honestly I’m not holding my breath! So the usual – plot, house and lots of work. I’m stretching the Easter Bank holiday a bit so I won’t be doing a full work week until the mid April, which means I need to spend time now, so I can go on leave with a clear conscience!

I’m also counting down to the end of Lent, I want to eat all the sweets right now but I shall resist until Easter Sunday!

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1 Response to Monday Miscellany: Spring

  1. Neil says:

    Life’s not that much fun currently. The plots are a good chill out zone. Hope you feel better soon x

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