Allotment Adventures: That difficult patch of weeds

I finally got to the weeds next to the squash bed. It also required dismantling the squash bed but it’s done.

I took most of the sides off and used them to create, one side of the ‘new’ bed. It’ll be deeper that the original, to help smother the weeds and half the width (90cm by 360cm), I’ll finish building it next week, when I do the others!

That done, this is what I needed to clear.

I did think about just covering it with cardboard but there were two small raised beds on that path, so I needed to level it too. So I weeded it, it took a while.

Then I covered the space with cardboard and woodchip.

At some point before May, I’ll build another bed of the same size the other side of the weeding chair and we’ll put some kind of arch or arches up to grow beans and little pumpkins up.

That’s pretty much all I managed. Next weekend is bed building and sowing and I’ll have some time off over Easter to crack on with weeding under the apple tree, strimming the grass paths and all the other jobs including sowing tomatoes and ordering more compost and wood for the last of the raised beds.

Work is never done, but we’ll so close to having all of this year’s planned changes sorted and then we can concentrate on food production. Because it’s on it’s way.

Gooseberry blossom

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  1. Neil says:

    Looking good

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