Friday Links:

Happy Friday! I’ve been staying away from social media for a while, I’m just tapped out and working on my kindle paperwhite being the only screen I go near.

So here are this week’s links…

Your ‘Surge Capacity’ Is Depleted — It’s Why You Feel Awful

Imaginary gin and fictitious chips got me through Friday

A Reader’s Guide to the Novels Behind ‘Bridgerton’. This is worth reading but there is one thing about the ‘Duke and I’ and the issues around consent. Daphne doesn’t get Simon’s in one instance but Simon has spent their entire marriage lying to Daphne and using her ignorance against her, she hasn’t thinks, and Simon knows this, that he couldn’t have children, her is ignorant of everything to do with sex, apart from what he choses to tell her. What Daphne does is wrong, but (and I except that I’m in a minority here) it’s understandable. Simon’s behaviour is also appalling, he’s supposed to be in love with Daphne and he takes shameless advantage of her. So in issues of consent, true consent, they both do wrong.

Penthouses and poor doors: how Europe’s ‘biggest regeneration project’ fell flat

Canada has designated the Proud Boys as a terrorist organization. Good

The frustrating reality of having vaccine-hesitant family members. Thankfully I do not have a vaccine hesitant parent…

America’s hollow middle class

Before the Capitol Attack, There Were the Abortion Wars

Phoney flag-waving is not the way for Labour to win back the red wall

Finally at some point this week, I cheered myself up with videos of baby pandas, this panda reminds me of my nephew….

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  1. Neil says:

    Eat shoots and leaves?

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