Friday Links: Indoors

Happy Friday! It’s been a week, I’ve not been around much and that may continue! Here are this week’s links…

Duped again: Irish unionists and the long, sorry history of Tory betrayal

Artists like me are being censored in Germany – because we support Palestinian rights. With the protests again Ken Loach at Oxford this week, this is worth reading. Criticism of Israel’s government policy is not anti semitism.

“After returning for two years to Tel Aviv, and many visits to the occupied Palestinian territories, I understood that Israel doesn’t live up to its professed high moral standards. The lesson learned from the Holocaust was ‘Never again!’ But is it intended only to protect us Jews? For me ‘Never again!’ must include ‘never again to racism, oppression, ethnic cleansing anywhere – as well as never again to antisemitism’.”

Extremists like Marjorie Taylor Greene are the real face of the new Republican party

Three American Mothers, on the Brink. Of the three of them, 29 year Mercedes needs a divorce from her 44 year old husband..

I am so sick of being asked if I regret not having children. Mum sent this to me, I think she might also be tired of being asked if I have a partner and why I don’t have children. I don’t think she’s been asked if I’m gay yet though but it’s only a matter of time!

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