Friday Links: 2021 was supposed to be better….

Happy Friday!

Last week, I intended to start blogging again but it just didn’t happen. I’ve been busy and the news has been rubbish and I’m having a problem with uploading photos.

Anyway, the week has been full of news, the return of lockdown, an attempted coup in the US (you have to name it to see how serious it is) and all sorts of other stuff, I really feel that 2021 has a lot to do to be worse than 2020 but it’s really trying, hopefully it’ll lose momentum..

Britain could be mass-producing its Covid shot. Shame we junked our industrial base

If Boris Johnson cared about schools, he’d already have sacked Gavin Williamson

Call it what it was: a coup attempt

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1 Response to Friday Links: 2021 was supposed to be better….

  1. Neil says:

    It will be fine COVID-19 will be cured, and we will all be on the beech by the summer

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