Friday Links: Early Edition for Christmas

You know how you often get paid the week before you usually would in December? Well as Friday is Christmas Day, so reading for the week is going to be slightly earlier.

Let’s get the bad stuff over with now.

With his sudden U-turn over Christmas, Boris Johnson caps a year of debacles

‘Most incompetent government’: Londoners’ fury at Covid tier 4 rules.

This crisis isn’t just for Christmas, but for months to come – Britain needs leadership

Away from the awfulness of this Govt.

Early humans may have survived the harsh winters by hibernating. If this is true, I must be part Neanderthal….

Romp and circumstance: why Netflix’s Bridgerton is just our cup of tea this year. We are so watching this over Christmas…

Frying-pan pizza and frozen grapes: Guardian readers’ best kitchen tips from lockdown

Why moth orchids make perfect housemates. I really want an orchid but I’m running out of room for house plants.

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1 Response to Friday Links: Early Edition for Christmas

  1. Neil says:

    Never thought about houseplants. That orchid in the link looks really nice

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