Friday Links: Tier Three and other disasters…

Happy Friday! This is going out late because I’ve had a week. I was reminded this morning that I’ve been working from home for 40 weeks, which is the time it takes to grow a baby. I haven’t done that but it’s quite a wedge of time. I don’t think it’s been a complete loss, I’ve still managed to achieve things and learnt lots, I know this year hasn’t been easy for anyone but it’s been easier for me than for others. However, it’s been we got to the end of this year. People are still living, children are growing, people are getting married and having babies. Life is finding a way. Many amazing, clever people developed multiple vaccines for a disease that didn’t exist 18 months ago. Life is hard and uncertain but hope is possible because we are surrounded by miracles.

Ok enough sentimentality, here are some links…

Boris Johnson won’t be able to escape responsibility for a crash-out Brexit

Facing a lonely holiday? Single moms know how to help. I’m not sure I agree with all of this and I’m not sure that I’d mind spending Christmas alone, but I also know that I’ve never done it yet and I won’t this year. I think if you have to, do something lovely for you and to hell with what anyone else thinks..

Le Carré’s death touched me. It feels like the grownups are leaving the room. November and December are the times I think most about my dead. I’m sad about John Le Carré but I’m glad that he seemed to have lived a good life and died surrounded by the people he loved, who loved him. Last week, my eldest godson found out that his cousin, in her early 20’s was found dead. So I’ve been thinking a lot about the eulogy at my father’s funeral. Michael didn’t really know my dad but he knew the rest of us and he has a gift, Michael talked about people who die young and how some would see it as a waste. He talked about the mystery of being human that we don’t know why we’re here and that having sung ‘our’ song we die, but we don’t know and can’t understand what that is or when it’s done. This week, I’ve been thinking about that a lot. We never fully recover fo

Boris Johnson’s lack of clarity is offloading Christmas anxiety on to the nation

Boris Johnson has a habit of delaying tough choices. In a pandemic, it’s lethal. I think this is actually rather flattering to Johnson.

Viruses adapt, it seems: what a tragedy that Tory cabinet ministers don’t

Waste, Negligence and Cronyism: Inside Britain’s Pandemic Spending. Even the Americans have noticed…

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