Monday Miscellany: Tier Four

Happy Monday!

I’m so angry. On Saturday night our idiot Prime Minister put all of London and most of the South East into a new Tier 4 lockdown from midnight. Which means that family Christmas is out. We’re ok, Ma and I are a support bubble and will spend Christmas together but I’m very much mourning my Christmas with my brother, sister in law, the nephews and the new puppy and really sad for all the people who will be alone for Christmas and didn’t plan to be.

My Christmas will not like this in 2020

Anyway, fortunately for us, Ma and I ordered some beef from Dorset Meats, we have all the food and drink we could want (we also went to The Cheddar Deli on Saturday, so have an outrageous amount of cheese too!)

I bought a Christmas tree at the weekend, it’s currently outside in a bucket of water and we’ll put it up and decorate it on Christmas Eve as usual.

Christmas will be more like this

Christmas isn’t cancelled, but it’s going to look different for lots of people this year and Johnston could have avoided much of the stress and disappointment that people are feeling right now by being open and honest earlier, when everyone with a clue was saying there was an issue. As ever he dodged it, tried to entirely blame the new variant and now there is a travel ban from 11 EU countries. It’s not just events, it’s the government’s complete inability to understand that actions have bloody consequences.

This week is quiet at work and at home, I’ll just be wrapping things and making cheese stars and mince pies and then it will be Christmas. If you aren’t having the Christmas you planned, I hope you manage to have a peaceful, joyous time anyway!

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  1. Neil says:

    Happy Christmas

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