Monday Miscellany: November-ish

Happy Monday!

I’m feeling November-ish. It’s dark and dull and the weather is terrible and I’ve not done any of the things that we’d planned to do at the plot. So peak November.

Yesterday would have been my Grandad’s 106th birthday, at this time of year I often post pictures of Grandad as a younger man but this is Grandad at about 80. It’s such a Grandad expression. Grandad was the bringer of fruit, when he was alive, we always had an overflowing fruit bowl and we had to put the throw on the chair because he loved sitting in it and his brycreem had destroyed the original cream upholstery the chairs came with, which is why I had them re-upholstered in red.

So one remembered birthday and next Sunday, it’s the turn of the eldest nephew.

This week, I shall be mostly sending out Christmas boxes and trying to be cosy!

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