Friday Links: The Govt. don’t know the rules that they’ve made…

Happy Friday! Well the world is pretty much a disaster, has been for a while but the UK govt. are really excelling themselves in levels of incompetency and ignorance. The American experiment seems to be on fire and the rest of the world doesn’t seem to be in much better shape.

So here are this week’s links…

It goes way beyond the BBC: the right’s target is liberalism itself

Battered, bloodshot Boris is no longer the star of his own show

Boris’s Brexit and Covid incompetence spreads to infect asylum policy

The Guardian view on asylum policy: nasty, brutish and wrong

The Trump-Biden debate revealed the dangers of Britain’s ‘special relationship’

The Proud Boys, explained

Federal Food Box Aid to Millions of Americans Now Required to Include Letter Crediting Trump. It would be funny, if it wasn’t about the end of ethics in US democracy..

The Most Important Thing Biden Did During Tuesday’s Debate

Donald Trump Is America’s Abusive Father

The “Women Can Have It All” Narrative Around Amy Coney Barrett Is a Trap

I don’t want children but being an aunt is the joy of my life. This is lovely but more complicated than she knows. I love my nephews, but do I love them more than I love Miss T? I don’t know, I spend Christmas with them and they are always around for my birthday because that’s what we do as a family. However, my responsibility to them is the same, it’s to support their parents as their parents can bring them up. (To a lesser extent, it’s what I do for all my friends that are parents.) For all three of them I am part of the back up, should the worse happen (which is why I pray for the continued health and wellbeing of their parents daily!) but it’s a role I have because their parents have asked me to have it. It’s not parenthood, I love them, but as involved as I’ll be when they are little, that’s will change. Loving children you didn’t birth or adopt is an exercise in mostly unrequited love in a way that parents don’t experience. I have have 6 godchildren and 2 nephews, 5 of the godchildren are adults. You have to love them fiercely and hold them lightly. Ryan is 35, I used to see him a couple of times a week, this year, I’ve spoken to him once. That’s entirely his choice. I know he’s ok because his parent is my friend (and he does still speak to his mother!). This is how it should be, I don’t want any of these children to be my children, I wanted my own. Aunthood is special but it’s a much more complicated place than you imagine when your nieces and nephews are 7 and 3.

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