After a cancellation, we are going on holiday today!

We have absolutely thought about the risks of this and decided to go anyway. Ma and I are a support bubble, we are staying in a cottage and our holidays don’t usually include a lot of eating out. The one change is our Newcastle day. Usually we get the bus into Newcastle and spend the day there, but we won’t do that this year, we’ll probably go for a longer walk. We’ve booked visits to Warkworth and Dunstanburgh, both ruined and mostly open air castles. But we probably won’t get to other places we were thinking about. We have masks and hand sanitiser at the ready.

Currently, none of the lockdown rules in London or in Northumberland prevent us doing this and right now, the risk to my mental health if I don’t have this break outweighs the risk of catching COVID for me.

I’m so lucky to be able to go and to enjoy the kind of ‘boring’ holiday that is naturally more COVID secure than most. Other than walking and reading and eating, I also want to pick up my daily body balance exercise, I did really well at the beginning of lockdown but it’s tailed off and with the new advice, I won’t be going back to the office regularly until next year so I need to develop some SAD strategies for working from home and daily body balance needs to be one of them!

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2 Responses to Holiday

  1. Neil says:

    Just had a UK break myself, mainly for my wife’s sake. Enjoy your time away

  2. Have a great time. We’ve enjoyed several U.K. break ps since July and felt just as safe as at home.

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