Friday Links: Headless Chickens

Happy Friday! This is late, but here are this week’s links…

Matt Hancock, could you honestly think of no one better to run test and trace?

Working from home could be keeping Covid-19 at bay – for proof, look at London

England’s test and trace is a fiasco because the public sector has been utterly sidelined

Our social care workers must be paid a living wage

Fear of a cancelled Christmas is about more than just stockings or Santa

Enough with ‘local’ and ‘organic’. We’ll begin to eat well when we farm well

Grace Dent reviews Wong Kei’s. When I was 20 something, I told my mum (who is not keen on Chinese food) that I’d been to the rudest Chinese restaurant in London, she immediately said ‘Wong Kei’s?’. Ben had the same experience, Lu took him and he told us about the experience and we both were “So Wong Kei’s then?”. I’ve been there with godchildren 2-5, (Sarah took her own child so I didn’t need to and all we need for Noah is that we find somewhere they can stay because Wales is a long way from London!) and I have plans for Ms T when she’s a bit older (I think Lu and Ben will ensure that Oli and Joe get it!).

A Story of a Fuck Off Fund. This.

‘A weird liberation’: why women are exposing the wild truth about midlife and menopause. Well September brought hot flushes so I guess I’m going to learn all about it!

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