Friday Links: A Confederacy of Dunces…

Happy Friday! Schools are going back, the govt has not got anymore efficient and I’m tired and grumpy! Happy Autumn folks…

The Tory party has been hollowed out and filled with Boris Johnson’s vanity. It’s like Thatcher never happened, the Tory Party has been hollowing itself out pretty effectively since then. This didn’t just happen, it is, as with the Republicans in the US, the work of decades not just down to their latest leader…

A Week in Tory. This was Tuesday, there’s been more since. If I didn’t laugh, I’d weep…

Trump’s Republican National Convention Was a Spectacle Fit for a Would-Be King

Trump: Americans Who Died in War are ‘Losers’ and ‘Suckers’

Obama returned to torment Trump in ways that only a member of the Oval Office club can

‘My world came crashing down’: how 2020 took me from a six-figure salary to universal credit . Being unemployed and on benefits is really hard. It leaves scars you

How the Pandemic Has Changed Us Already

This phoney war over Last Night of the Proms is everything we deserve.

Being a postal worker during lockdown has shown me who really values our work

Family recipes: how to revive your grandparents’ most delicious meals. After you’ve read this, could I please direct you to my most read post ever for my Grandad’s Bread Pudding and please for the love of God and Frank, use the required amount of mixed spice, it needs an entire tub…

Tune in, drop out

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