Monday Miscellany: Two Birthdays and a Quiz

Happy Monday!

I had such a good weekend that the working week is going to be a bit of a comedown!

In the week, we had a virtual birthday party for a friend. I hosted the work quiz, which Ma was here for, she didn’t win! I was supposed to spend Friday night at Ma’s but I was fried, work is pretty intense at the moment, so Ma stayed here and I went over on Saturday to attend to Mum’s washing machine! On Sunday, we went to my brother’s for the small nephew’s 5th birthday!

Everyone is well, it was loads of fun and all outdoors. I can’t believe that he’s five already!

Grandma also got a lesson in bouncy castles!

This week I have a ton of work to do, I want to spend a good long time on the plot and I really need to get the house into a cleaner place, it’s fine but the Kenny’s and their spouses are coming for dinner next week and therefore it’s time to really clean the floors!

Anyone else do ultra cleaning for other people, the house is always tidy but it’s always much tidier when I have company!

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2 Responses to Monday Miscellany: Two Birthdays and a Quiz

  1. Neil says:

    My wife is the tidy one, I hide in a shed

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