Allotment Adventures: A Bit Windy

The allotment was all ok on the weekend, I went on Sunday and weeded the paths and put everything away because it was very windy, I also cut back the rosemary, it looks really bedraggled at the moment but I did it for it’s own good! We also had a visit from a magpie…

I’m behind, I haven’t sown the carrots yet but this weekend’s plan is to do that, sown some more salad leaves and plant out the leeks, I need to clear the bed that had the sprouting broccoli and get a frame up for the french beans up. I may sow the french beans but I’ll see how I feel about the weather. I’m itching to plant out the winter squash and the tomatoes but the squash beds are no where near ready, I may just dig the beds over again incorporate what compost I have and accept that I’m going to be weeding those beds a lot, we’ll see. My summer squash have come up slowly and leggy, so I’m probably going to have to start again next week!

I also want to give some time to my friend Dionne, she’s an NHS worker and is recovering from Covid-19, so I’ve told her that I’m happy to weed a bed or two and plant up with tomatoes and winter squash if she’d like me to.

In happier news, I have irises, baby apples and broad beans. While Ma might get some apples and broad beans, she’ll probably miss the irises…

It’s May so it’s time just to push through, get it all in the ground and try and keep on top of the weeds!

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3 Responses to Allotment Adventures: A Bit Windy

  1. Love the pictures! Greetings from London.

  2. Hi Nic, you are miles ahead of me. I have been grinning like a madman all because I have been given a cold frame.

    • nicdempsey says:

      Funny, I feel miles behind but I’m coming to accept that where you are is where you’re meant to be! I’d also be grinning like a madman if I was given a cold frame, the Wilko pop up cloche does the job but it’s not sturdy!

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