Friday Links: VE Day

Happy Friday! Today is as I’m sure everyone in the UK is aware, is the 75th anniversary of VE Day. The government and R4 seems anxious to wrap itself in a flag but I’m pretty tired of it. The only veteran of that war that I knew (Grandad) was reluctant to talk about the actual war, he was in Belgium at some point in 1945 and he went back to visit his friend Joss’ family. He believed what he did was necessary but he never thought there was glory in it. Overall that’s my impression of all of this, the people that spend the most time harking back to the victory of 1945 and the Blitz spirit and wrapping themselves in that flag are the ones that would have been dining at the Ritz and getting extra food from there country estates….

Anyway on to this week’s links…

The British charlatan style has been sent packing by too much reality

Why universal basic income could help us fight the next wave of economic shocks

Ministers are using coronavirus as an excuse to erode child protection

Whose Freedom Counts? This is really interesting, the USA is a special case but I can see so many parallels with the for want of a better word Brexiteers over here.

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