Recommendations: Fated Mates podcast

I never really got the hang of podcasts. I listen to the radio all the time, and when I have used podcasts, they tend to be the BBC ones, so basically, I’m using them like radio iplayer (or BBC Sounds as it now prefers to be called) to catch up on the programmes I missed.

However, over on Twitter, I follow Sarah McLean and she has a podcast, Fated Mates, about romance novels and novelists and so I looked it up. As ‘luck’ would have it, the first one I heard was the episode on pegging. Both informative AND hilarious. (It also segued off into a discussion about how we teach our children about this stuff which was even more informative)

So I’ve been using my walk home from the station to listen to the podcasts. The subject matter is niche, if you don’t like romance novels then probably don’t check this out but it’s interesting to hear romance discussed and taken seriously as a valid form of literature. I’m enjoying it though


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