Friday Links: Ulster says no

Happy Friday!

So here we’re all about whether Boris Johnson can get the new deal with the EU through Parliament with minus 40-ish minority govt, or whether he will keep his 100% failure to get the House of Commons to pass anything. Meanwhile the Turkish Army has been killing Kurds because Donald Trump thinks he knows about foreign policy and clearly he knows nothing. He is also trying to convince the world that Nancy Pelosi is the politician in the room that’s unhinged.

I’ve decided that this is the plan, politicians aren’t doing anything about climate change because they think that it’s a race between it and them as to who can destroy the planet for human and animal habitation….

You can see, I’m feeling really cheerful about life. However, it’s the weekend and at some point over the 48 hours there will be gin and this week I learnt some very strange and wonderful facts about Virginia opossums, please go and read this thread, I promise it’s worth it (it’s better than the ant facts, Ma!)

Here are this week’s links…

Queen reduced to furious frontwoman for grubby election stunt

Trump’s Worst Betrayal Yet

Five ways to fight the winter blues. I’m finding that it’s really biting right now, it’s dark in the morning and I hate it, but note the comments are much more helpful than the article.

How Macron discovered the soft power of the working class. Interesting..

Ivory Coast law could see chocolate industry ‘wipe out’ protected forests

Can a $1,300 baby bed make me a better mom? No but it’ll a solution designed for late capitalism parenting…

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