Monday Miscellany: Pumpkins everywhere

Happy Monday!

It’s the start of a brand new week and this week feels like it might be a busy work week! Sometimes you open your mouth and find yourself with lots to do, it’s all good but some of it will be a stretch and is no bad thing but at the same time, I’m naturally quite lazy!

Last week was pretty good, the cold seems to have morphed into having a cough and being extremely tired and honestly this is where the discipline kicks in. That ‘in the bath by 9pm, in bed by 10pm’ habit I started back in August is really helping, except last week, it was in the bath by 8pm and bed by 9pm last week, which is why there was radio silence last week because I was too tired to think about the blog and didn’t have time last weekend to set up blog posts!

But I survived the week and being in the office on a Friday, and on Saturday, I had guests and helpers!

Not the pumpkins but the children who carved them, Kathy and Adam’s two kids, in my head they are still toddlers but they are actually 7 and 8 and we did pumpkins and pumpkin cinnamon rolls with the pumpkin puree I made on Friday night. Look, it’s nearly Halloween and medium pumpkins are 65p in M&S and it was a simple craft. We also roasted the pumpkins seeds with cinnamon and sugar and went the eldest went off with Mum and Dad, the youngest stayed all afternoon and we made bread and pumpkin and ginger bread. They were both delightful to entertain and although I maintain my ‘all children are small demons’ stance, I’m very fond of these two!

On Sunday we allotmented, and about time too. We also had snails hitchhiking on our produce! There were lots of jobs to do, including some planning for decorating the plot for next week’s Halloween Pumpkin Trail.

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