Monday Miscellany: Back to work

Happy Monday!

Every year I take the week of my birthday off. I often don’t go anywhere but that time is really important to me. This year we went to Newcastle for three days and it was lovely. We’re still in August but it feels as though summer is over, some of that is because of the miserable weather and some of that is because it’s nearly time for schools to go back.

So last week’s re-entry into the normal world of commuting and work and not getting to do what I want when I want was tough and I need some time to read these. Birthdays really are the best.

Over the weekend, we worked at the plot, I got the flat in order (there was hoovering!), Christelle and Gabbie the dog came for a visit. I went to bed yesterday night knowing that I was set up for the week ahead.

This week, is all about calm, as the days get shorter, I need to start my autumn/winter coping strategies so that they are embedded habits come October. So lunchtime walk, doing enough housework in the evening so that mornings aren’t a rush, being much stricter about bedtimes and so on!

And I need to take my library books back…

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