Friday Links: A mixed bag

Happy Friday!

You may or may not have noticed my absence from this space, I was having some site issues and was just really busy so it took me a while to sort out! Anyway, here are some links…

Lyme Disease Is Baffling, Even to Experts. One of the things that sticks out about this is the way doctors treat things that they either don’t understand because of science or don’t understand because of experience. I understand that pain is subjective but I also know that I’ve had experiences when I’ve known that something isn’t right and the doctor hasn’t wanted to believe that it’s serious or that I know is not right and it’s exhausting, advocating for yourself without knowing what’s going on.

Dingoes Have Created a Scientific Rift

Don’t Ban Assault Weapons—Tax Them

Nationalism in England is not just a rightwing nostalgia trip

Talk of a public housing renaissance in London is fake news

Hong Kong Shows the Flaws in China’s Zero-Sum Worldview. I haven’t thought much about China beyond thinking that I wouldn’t trust the Chinese government all that much, but this is interesting…

Of course the US supports a no deal – it makes a minnow out of Britain

Saudi Arabia allows women to travel without male guardian’s approval. Almost like adult women are actual people…

People want to travel more sustainably. But we need help to do it. While I agree that flying should be more expensive than going by train. Here’s an idea, maybe people should limit their travel full stop.

Meghan Markle Can’t Be a Royal Radical. It’s interesting what’s missing in this article. That’s money. Some of the stuff that Meghan Markle getting flack for is much less about her and more about her nationality and skin colour (and all of that is absolutely disgusting). However, she had a career and she gave it up and she is living off the State. I believe that if the Royal Family lived on a council estate The Sun would call them benefit scroungers. It’s an enormous privilege to never have to worry about money again, but it’s a gilded cage they all chose either to stay in or to enter. None of them can say they didn’t know what the deal was.

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