Friday Links: The News Doesn’t Get Any Better

Happy Friday!

Folks it has been a week. I’ve been having some minor house drama and it feels like the world is on fire. Boris Johnson is Prime Minister and no one seems to care…

Here are this week’s links…

My Boris Johnson story. This is so worth reading…

The Vote Leave gang now running Britain do not want to govern. They want to win. If one more brexiteer says that we won the War, I’m going to scream. We did at tremendous cost and we wouldn’t have won it if not for the Russians and Lend Lease (and can we all also note what happened when America called that bill in). The truth is that we are not at war, most of the generation of people who fought in that war and are still alive, voted remain. It’s the boomers who have no clue what it was actually like to live through a war that overwhelmingly voted for Brexit. (not all boomers, Ma!). Finally can we think about the language we’re using, we’re not at war ffs, not even close.

Mr Johnson swears off an early election, but his sweaty aroma says otherwise

Boris Johnson plans to frighten Europe then charm it. Here’s why he’ll fail

No-deal Brexit was once a sick Tory joke. Now it’s serious

What Jacob Rees-Mogg’s language rules reveal about him. I would say that they reveal he’s a hopelessly out of date idiot who is more concerned with rules, seeking the vision of a Victorian society that only ever ran for the rich and never for everyone in the country. Which is why he’s all grammar rules and Brexit instead doing something about homelessness and poverty…

UK’s cherry industry bounces back after almost withering

I followed the advice for Paris’s hottest day – it didn’t help. Paris has had a longer heat wave but they did more than London did. When we had 37C, it was 33C in the house. I basically wore a nightie, sat in front of a fan and had several tepid baths to keep cool. It wasn’t a fun day but it was survivable without air con. But that was one day and I’m privileged, I can work from home, I have fans and access to running water. When we tip into this being the weather? What then?

You can have a church or be a free woman – but having both is a struggle. This is worth reading. I come from a different tradition but ultimately left because I didn’t fit into any of the boxes that the Church had for me and thought that my faith was as valuable to God as that of the parish priest.

A Trump trade deal with Britain will unleash a bonfire of regulations

How we stopped counting calories and learned to love Spindrift

Chronic wounds: the hidden health crisis hitting 2m Britons

Boar wars: how wild hogs are trashing European cities File under things I didn’t know!

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3 Responses to Friday Links: The News Doesn’t Get Any Better

  1. Tabula Rasa says:

    Sounds like the lady has not found the right church. Anglican churches have a much better attitude and I can be an independent woman there and many women, including myself lead or preach on a regular basis. Those who are married love and respect their husbands but the same is expected in return.

    • nicdempsey says:

      It’s brilliant that you’ve found a parish where you and others can feel comfortable being yourselves. But I would argue that it’s not the case in every Anglican Church. I live with in walking distance of five CofE churches and three of them are very conservative. One won’t have a woman priest and two have some issues with women preaching to men. The other two don’t really get single women who aren’t wanting to get married and have a family. More globally these are issues that the Anglican Church are trying to work out as we see very time the Church gathers to discuss the issues. But at least they are being discussed!

      • Tabula Rasa says:

        I agree with you on the not getting single people side and you do get shades of grey even in Anglicans but the majority in our local area are thankfully progressive.

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