Monday Miscellany: Tiring but worth it.

Happy Monday! I had quite the week last week.

Work was stressy because it was quarterly reporting week. I don’t have a lot to do with that but you know when everyone you work with is having ‘that’ kind of week? I was helping to cover a sick colleague and it’s always fun to do something new to you when tensions are running high.

However, I got through the week and then I got to see Laura and Jess. We don’t see each other nearly enough but it’s so lovely when we do!So after a late night on Friday, it was allotment on Saturday and food processing on Saturday night. All that food needs to be washed and sorted, this week I also made another batch of pesto.

I was going to run around a bit more on Sunday but decided to stay home and catch up on life admin. So lots of food prep and housework and reading and I needed it.I was completely uninterested in the cricket, glad England won but I don’t really care about the cricket or the Grand Prix or the tennis. I was delighted to see that the Algerian football team beat Nigeria and will play Senegal in the Cup of Nations final on Friday. I was also delighted by both teams nicknames, the Senegalese are ‘The Lions of Teranga’ and the Algerians are ‘The Warriors of the Desert’ although both names probably sound better in French!

So I’m ready for the week and it should be pretty quiet, I’m seeing Sue on Wednesday for an allotment tour and catch up and honestly apart from work, that’s all I have planned!

It’s not very exciting but the joy of being middle aged is that I just don’t care about what anyone thinks about my less than rock and roll lifestyle!

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