Friday Links: Civil Service

Happy Friday! I’m really not happy to be British right now, I’d rather be a voice in 27 countries, than told what to do by the US…


Not a Human, but a Dancer. This stuff is fascinating…

What the Measles Epidemic Really Says About America

The Guardian view on undiplomatic language: don’t pander to Donald Trump. Now that Kim Darroch has resigned, the way to do that is to appoint another career diplomat as ambassador.

Kim Darroch: effectively sacked by Johnson on the orders of Trump. I’m reminded of my favourite part in the baptismal service (bear with me on this), where we are invited to reject the devil and ‘all his empty promises’. We are being told that leaving the EU will mean ‘taking back control’ and ‘restoring Parliament’s primacy’, and this is actually what it means. It’s not taking control, it’s giving it to the US.

The embassy leak will damage far more than the special relationship

Kim Darroch quits as UK ambassador to US ‘after Johnson remarks’. They need to find the person that leaked the documents and send him to prison

How are small farms surviving? Airbnb. I know that lots of farmers in the UK do the same thing!

The Reason Anxious People Often Have Allergies

The Story of Humans and Neanderthals in Europe Is Being Rewritten

What’s in my dream holiday rental house? Decent kitchen knives, for a start. When Ma and I go on holiday, our, ok my ‘kit’ includes a knife, a cafetière, coffee mugs, champagne flutes and decent wine and gin glasses. All of them were emergency holiday purchases….we’ve trolled around Dublin and Newcastle searching for flutes and we had to go to Alnwick Wilko’s for a cafetière on one holiday. It was a bit of a departure this year when we arrived in York and drank out of the glasses provided….

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