Monday Misc: False Spring

The weather last week was marvellous, about 8 to 10C above average temperatures. It’s been really hard to be in the office when the weather has been so amazing. The downside to my job is that I lost 5 holiday days, so I can’t take an emergency ‘the weather is so wonderful, I need to be on the allotment’ day off work.

But days are getting lighter and I can feel my brain awakening from my SAD miserableness…

So this week, I was very excited for my boss who was headed to the Ginistute for a make your own gin session, I checked on the house of a friend while they were away and ended up locked in and having to exit the flat via the living room window (in office clothes!), Ma and I saw If Beale Street Could Talk and it was beautiful and sad and we are both still thinking abut it, I went for a long walk with Sarah and Fred, who have a date for moving and I’ll miss our walks but not Sarah, who’ll be staying a couple of nights a week after the move, Ma and I did good work on the allotment, my brother and sister in law got an allotment (B wants a shed!) and I didn’t get around to hoovering!

A good week!

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