Friday Links: No Sleep ’til Brexit

Happy Friday!

I’m happy. And that makes me really uncomfortable. I know this feeling, saying that you’re happy is complicated in these circumstances because it feels like you’re saying that you’re over it but that’s not how you feel. I’m not over the people I’ve loved dying but it is fair to say that the size of the rest of my life has expanded again so my grief is a much smaller part of the totality of my existence. It’s a weird space though when that starts to happen.

When Modern Men Throw Ancient Weapons

Scott Wagstaff double sends West Ham packing as Wimbledon relive glory years. This is the most FA Cup thing I’ve ever seen.

This video is exciting, air conditioning, walk through trains but notice that they don’t have a time frame and I’ve never seen a Piccadilly line train that empty ever!

Why we must resist the cult of ‘performative workaholism’ Not that much of a problem for me!

England can be better than the Brexit caricature. We have to make the case for it

Is jam coming to a sticky end?

May thinks she’s won. But the reality of Brexit will soon hit her again. What alternative arrangements, the EU has been nothing but clear on this. We are heading towards no deal, start stockpiling food….

As schools are forced to be academies, the will of the people means nothing. Stuff like this is why people have no confidence in the political system, Brexit is a symptom of this not the cause.

The white stuff: why Britain can’t get enough cocaine.

Outsourcing education to Clarks shoes: only a Tory could think of that. I really would like a politician to say that no one likes paying tax but that if we want a society that functions and gives everyone a chance, taxes are what make that happen!

I’m an EU citizen with an Android phone – I’ve hit the jackpot! Most of the French people I know who are living here have dual nationality with the UK and are alright to be here. The one person who isn’t got her settled status this week which is a relief! Hopefully, everyone else will find it as simple and painless.

Why Can’t We Have Decent Toilet Stalls? This isn’t an entirely American problem, there are lots of UK loos that don’t have floor to ceiling partitions, the thing I really can’t get my head around that I have never seen here are the gaps in the doors, what’s with that?

MPs have voted for a fantasy. It’s an indictment of our entire political class

It’s an extraordinary thing, this ability of May’s: she somehow manages to combine grinding intransigence with a willingness to perform the most brazen U-turns.

Innocent, jailed and uncompensated: these are the men our system fails. Oh good grief, just the stories are appalling.

Ukip leader asks Queen to suspend parliament to thwart remain MPs. Maybe we should just rename UKIP. The British Fascist Party would fit.  Seriously, this is a twisted understanding of representative democracy and to ask the Queen to enforce the Bill of Rights (you know the thing was passed to ensure that a foreigner couldn’t just come in and take over, even though they were happy for him to rule after his wife (who had the claim to the throne) died. Why not just stand at the doors and not let people in, have a rump parliament and call it the will of the people? I can’t even. This is the definition of just enough knowledge to be dangerous!

Mitch McConnell: making Election Day a federal holiday is a Democratic “power grab”

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