Monday Miscellany: Re-entry

Happy Monday! I’m not going to lie last week was tough. Although I was feeling better, I was not 100% and it’s still very dark.So doing a full week at work was going to be a case of head down and plough through, but for the first time in ages work was tricky. We spent the entire week trying to get something done. We did it last gasp on Friday afternoon, when discussing it, my boss told someone that his PA has been ‘tearing her hair out all week’ which was not wrong and tells you all you need to know about my frustration levels.

That being said, the week did have a lot of good in if too. The PA’s lunch (a gift from a member of our exec) was lovely, I did complete some work and I got through the week while feeling very sub par with organisation and grit!

The weekend had good things in it too! Free raspberry canes, sleep, buying seeds, gin!

Plans for this week are few, more work, more sleep, I’m due a haircut this week and we have a work walking competition, I’ve been put on a team with a bunch of really competitive people which should be interesting, although my daily average when not being competitive is higher than theirs, so we’ll see!

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